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Lose The Dirt - Shoe Cleaning Kit

Lose The Dirt - Shoe Cleaning Kit

All-in-one cleaning kit for sneakers. Contains Lose the dirt cleaning gel and Brush it off, a practical double-sided cleaning brush. In addition, the package consists of a bottom that can be used as a water bowl during cleaning. A "must-have kit" for all sneaker lovers.

Lose the dirt cleaning gel, 150 ml
- Water-based
- Effective on all materials (leather, canvas, suede, mesh etc). ​

Easy to apply and use
​- Pump for easy dosing
​- Eco-friendly and vegan formulation
​- Informative pictograms
​- Unique scent of oud (Agarwood)

Brush it off
​- Double-sided with long and short bristles for multi-function
​- For everyone material
- Grip-friendly size and design

All-in-one cleaning kit for sneakers
Practical packaging
An appreciated gift
A must-have kit for sneaker lovers

1. Apply gel and dip the brush in water.
2. Scrub the surface.
3. Wipe off.
4. Repeat steps 1-3 if necessary.
5. Allow to air dry.

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