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1Pair No-Tie Elastic Shoe Laces

1Pair No-Tie Elastic Shoe Laces

Do laces the easy way with these no tie, no effort metal screw locking laces.

These Laces fit any size, any shoe perfect for any ages and abilities.

Whether your just tired of doing your own laces, find it difficult or bored of being asked to do someone else's you'll wonder why you didn't get these laces earlier.

The durable metal capsule are suitable for any occasion from activity days to lazy Sundays in the garden.

Takes 2 minutes to add to your shoes; simply thread the laces, slip on the capsule, tie a knot and you're done!


  • A variety of laces in different colours are enough for you to choose shoes in different colours and fit, eye-catching and comfort.

  • Tightly woven laces provide strength and protection, prevent tangles, wear-resistant, strong and robust trainer laces are strong.

  • The laces of the shoes can be washed together with clothes and never fade.

  • Perfect for any type of casual shoes, boots or ice skates, different colours help to create your own style and show your personality, ideal for adults, teenagers or children.

  • Use it to replace the original fragile and faded laces to bring the shoes a new look and style.

Lenght:         100cm
Material:        Nylon

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