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Mum 2 Mum Bib and Baby line

Following on from the introduction of the Mum 2 Mum PLUS range of bibs for special needs and adults by Keeks in 2022, the Mum 2 Mum Bib and Baby line which is sold in over 20 countries worldwide will be added in early 2023.  
New Zealand's fabulous Mum 2 Mum Bib and Baby line continues to gain momentum. Already an overwhelming success in New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain, Japan and the US, these eye catching products continue to generate new sales in every market they touch. 
The Mum 2 Mum line of bibs, burp cloths and towels began with the Wonder Bib in 2003. Mum 2 Mum was started by young mums dealing with dribbly babies, reflux, eczema... you name it. 
The Signature product THE WONDER BIB, acclaimed to be the most absorbent bib on the market, has a water resistant backing and comes in a wide variety of bright, fun colours.

What parents say:
Can I just say you have the best bibs in the world! - Dawn

I’m sure you get this sort of feedback all the time, but just had to write to say your bibs are amazing. I have a very spilly baby and these are the only bibs that work. - Jen

Birth - 3 Years: The original STANDARD WONDER BIB.

The bib that really works! Made from 100% cotton, super-absorbent velour towelling with a nylon water resistant backing to keep babies dry. Our Wonder Bibs protect against dribble rash and eczema and are an essential purchase for infants with reflux. Our products are all machine washable, dryer safe, colourfast and stay looking good long after purchase. Holds over a 1/4 cup of liquid and will keep baby clean and dry.

Birth - 6 Months: The smallest INFANT WONDER BIB

Made for precious newborns and premature babies. Dome closure is cleverly positioned to the side to protect the back of delicate necks and to give easy access for one handed mums whilst breast feeding.

4 Months - 3 Years: BANDANA WONDER BIB

All the great features of the Standard Wonder Bib but in a bandana shape. This design is a must-have for dribblers as it bunches under baby’s chin helping to keep it dry, protecting them from eczema and dribble rash.

6-18 Months & 18-36 Months: SLEEVED WONDER BIB

All the great features of the Standard Wonder Bib but with more coverage. Designed for messy independent eaters who ‘don’t need help’. Sleeves are made from a water-resistant nylon.

4 Months - 3 Years: TEETHING BANDANA

All the great features of the Bandana Wonder Bib but with a BPA free silicone teether designed with raised and offset surfaces that gently massage sore gums while the bib absorbs excess dribble.


Fashionable and practical. This reversible bib is made from three layers - a
high quality cotton fashion print, a PU waterproof centre, and backed with our super absorbent 100% cotton towelling.


Small (7-14 Ibs) and Large (15-22 Ibs): Designed with a double wrap system that imobilizes baby’s arms, keeping them safe and secure all night long. Features double-ended zip at the front for easy nappy change.


72cm x 74cm Made from 100% cotton velour towelling. Designed to keep baby warm, dry and happy at bathtime. A perfect baby shower gift.


120cm x 60cm Beautifully designed animal towels made with huggable 100% cotton velour towelling. Perfect for bathtime, swimming lessons or at the beach.


20cm x 20cm Designed to fit in the palm of your hand. Our Face Washers are a proven favourite, made with 100% cotton, absorbent velour towelling with no bulky edges. Different colours could be used for different cleaning needs.


74cm x 74cm Providing a clean safe space for baby wherever you are. Made with a soft 100% cotton absorbent top with a water resistant backing.


74cm x 74cm Providing a clean safe space for baby wherever you are. Made with a soft 100% cotton absorbent top with a water resistant backing.
24cm x 65cm Provides a double layer of 100% cotton, super absorbent velour towelling. Gentle on baby’s skin. Protects parents from the baby badge.

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