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Sizing help

Billy Footwear. The solution for children (and adults) who have trouble stepping into normal shoes. All Billy shoes have a zipper that can open over the nose of the shoe. This allows the foot to be “put” in the shoe and then the shoe can be closed very easily with the zipper. Optionally, the laces can be used to pull the shoe even tighter afterwards.

The BILLY Classic High Tops.

  • Functional laces for adjustable fit.
  • Upper opens completely allowing for unobstructed entry and visual sizing confirmation.
  • Wrap-around zipper closure provides fun and easy entry.
  • Durable insole board and outsole rubber compound help to withstand aggressive toe drag and heel striking.
  • Removable insole for adjustable depth and use of custom orthotics.
  • Unsure about the size? Feel free to contact us for advice.

Ideal for:

  • The shoes can be put on very easily over splints/AFO’s.
  • Children or parents who have difficulty stepping into normal shoes.
  • Being able to change shoes easily and quickly. For example, at school gym.
  • Arch supports. All Billy shoes are equipped with a removable footbed
  • Children who have trouble tying shoelaces.

Upper: Genuine Leather
Inner: Lightweight Fabric
Outer Sole: Rubber
Laces: Adjustable. Cotton blend.
Removable inserts.



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