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XXL VipSleeper Autumn/Winter Teddyfleece

XXL VipSleeper Autumn/Winter Teddyfleece

Warm super soft sleeping bag from Teddyfleece:

  • Nice and warm and super soft!

  • With long sleeves, so that your child stays evenly warm, even when it cools down in the evening

  • Long sleeves give a sense of security

Create your own bag: decide for yourself how warm the sleeping bag can be for your VIP!
The VipSleepers can be used separately, but can also be combined with each other. Inside the VipSleeper Autumn there is an extra zipper into which you can zip an extra VipSleeper (Summer or Autumn). This way you create  the right sleeping bag for every season

VipSleeper 4 seasons sleeping system:

 Type of sleeping bag

  Suitable for

VipSleeper Summer: 

- summer, warm sleeping areas
- all seasons in combination with a blanket

VipSleeper Autumn: 

- spring and autumn 
- winter (in combination with blanket)

VipSleeper 4 Season Set:  

- winter: zip the VipSleeper summer into the VipSleeper Autumn 

VipSleeper Winter plus:

- winter plus: zip together two VipSleepers autumn 


Soft, supple teddy fleece with a light stretch (100% microfibre). Microfiber is highly breathable and, despite its light weight, wonderfully warm. Wonderful material to sleep and move in! 

The sleeping bag has a long zipper, so that the sleeping bag can be easily put on and taken off. The zipper closes from top to bottom.
Due to the round neck opening, the XL and XXL sleeping bag can also be worn backwards with the zipper on the back (which makes it difficult to open the sleeping bag yourself).

Choose the size
Don't buy the sleeping bag too big! The indicated sizes are oversizes, the length of the sleeping bag is stated behind it. The starting size is the minimum size that your child must have. For a size overview and general guidelines, click on: size chart 

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